Instructions to Authors

Annals of Business Administrative Science

Akámon Management Review

1.      Qualification

Authors are required to be members of Global Business Research Center (GBRC) in principle. Otherwise, apply for membership at the time of submission.

2.      Submission policy

Manuscripts submitted must be

- related to recent studies in Business Administration

- written in English (ABAS); written in Japanese (AMR)

- unpublished

- not reviewed elsewhere for possible publication simultaneously:

submission will be considered as an agreement to these conditions.

3.      Initial submission

Submit MS-Word format electronic file by e-mail to GBRC Online Journal Editorfs Office. Do not send hard copies.

Fill subject title of e-mail as gmanuscript submission.h

Include only the following information (a) to (d) in e-mail content. Write in the language of submitted manuscript.

(a)   Title of manuscript

(b)   Article type (i.e., Research Article, Review Article, Analytic Article, or Case Study)

(c)   Author information

@1)      author name

@2)      affiliation and position

@3)      contact address

@4)      phone number

@5)      e-mail address

(d) Field of study (e.g., Operations Management, Organization & Management Theory, Business Policy & Strategy, Marketing, Management History, Human Resources, Technology & Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship, etc.)

4.      Manuscript style

Authors are required to download ABAS/AMR template file and prepare manuscripts according to written instructions. Papers which do not follow this rule may be rejected.

Manuscript length: ABAS; 8-16 journal pages. AMR; No restriction.

Illustrations: Should be embedded in preferable areas in text. Cite original source, if any, at the foot of illustration.

References: Should be listed at the end of manuscript in alphabetical order by first authorsf surname. Refer to Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (5th ed.) for details on style.

Citation: Citation in text should be in parenthetical style.

Foot notes: Minimum use of footnotes is acceptable in AMR.

5.      Review process

Submitted papers are reviewed by two or more qualified reviewers chosen by GBRC Online Journal Editorial Board.

Additionally, papers may be presented at The Workshop on Modern Business Organization, University of Tokyo for review purpose.

Review process should be completed within three months at length. Results are sent to author by e-mail.

If the paper is accepted conditionally, re-submit revised manuscript by the deadline notified from Chief Editor (usually within 2-8 weeks). Attach a list of alterations.

Do not re-submit rejected papers unmodified.


Number of submissions by same author(s) in a single year is not restricted, however, the journal do not wish to publish works of same author(s) successively. Publication schedule may be arranged in such cases.

Instructions in Japanese

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