ABAS Conference 2023 Summer

Kojima Hall, University of Tokyo
Tokyo, Japan

Part 1  August 7, 2023

13:30〜13:35 Opening with Coffee

13:35〜14:15 Embedded Lead Users in the Organization and Consumer Lead Users in the Market.
         Chiharu Shimizu (Osaka University)
         Sotaro Katsumata (Osaka University)

14:15〜14:55 Named “yarisugoshi” from the situation where “decision making by flight” occurs.
         Nobuo Takahashi (Tokyo University of Science)

14:55〜15:00 Closing

Part 2  September 4, 2023

12:30〜12:35 Opening with Coffee

12:35〜13:15 Exploiting Alliance Experiences from Taiwan: The Case Study of FamilyMart in Shanghai.
         Chien-Ju Lee (Hitotsubashi University)

13:15〜13:55 A Review of R&D and Marketing Integration in NPD Using a Triangulation Approach with Quantitative Text Analysis.
         Kikuchi Hiroki (Nishogakusha University)
         Ogu Tatsushi (Nishogakusha University)

13:55〜14:00 Closing

Part 3  September 11, 2023

11:00〜11:05 Opening with Coffee

11:05〜11:45 Improving the Nadler-Tushman Congruence Model: For Organizational Ambidexterity.
         Fumie Ando (Nanzan University)

11:45〜12:25 Balancing Idea Driven Development and Data Driven Development: The Role of Product Operation in Continuous Product Development.
         Wei Huang (Ritsumeikan University)

12:25〜13:05 Updating product via Data Analysis of User Community: Controlling the Negative Effect of Users' Optimum Solutions.
         Lin Xuanke (Ritsumeikan University)
         Wei Huang (Ritsumeikan University)

13:05〜13:10 Closing

Part 4  September 12, 2023

13:00〜11:05 Opening with Coffee

13:05〜13:45 Did the Innovator’s dilemma Really Arise in the HDD Industry?
         Takeaki Wada (Fukuoka University)

13:45〜14:25 Interdependence in Buyer-Supplier Relationships: Definitions and Measurement.
         Mizuki Kobayashi (Ritsumeikan University)

14:25〜15:05 Relationship between shared office use and organizational commitment: A comparison of office workers, teleworkers, and shared office users.
         Nobuyuki Inamizu (University of Tokyo)

15:05〜15:10 Closing

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