ABAS Conference 2019 Autumn

Kojima Hall, University of Tokyo
Tokyo, Japan

Part 1  October 17, 2019

14:00〜14:05 Opening with coffee

14:05〜14:45 Strategic divergences and firm profitability.
         Seungkee MIN (University of Tokyo)

14:45〜15:25 Editor's Special Session
        JNR's financing schemes and bankruptcy.
         Nobuo TAKAHASHI (University of Tokyo)

15:25〜16:05 The source of open innovation in Japanese manufacturing industry.
         Koji NAKANO (Toyo University)

16:05〜16:10 Closing

Part 2  November 11, 2019

13:30〜13:35 Opening with coffee

13:35〜14:15 Rethinking the concept of "emergent" in change management context.
         Masami ABE (University of Tokyo)

14:15〜14:55 Why was it able to develop Japanese whiskey evaluated overseas?
         Yuki MITOMI (Takasaki City University of Economics)
         Youngkyo SUH (Toyo University)
         Hidenori SATO (University of Tsukuba)

14:55〜15:35 How to reduce license costs in Japanese electrical industry.
         Koji NAKANO (Toyo University)

15:35〜15:40 Closing

Part 3  December 9, 2019

13:00〜13:05 Opening with coffee

13:05〜13:45 Role of headquarters in value co-creative sales.
         Ryusuke KOSUGE (Ritsumeikan University)

13:45〜14:25 The double structure of WOM and eWOM.
         Yufu KUWASHIMA (Otsuma Women's University)

14:25〜14:30 Closing

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