ABAS Conference 2018 Spring

Kojima Hall, University of Tokyo
Tokyo, Japan

Part 1  April 9, 2018

13:00〜13:05 Opening with Coffee

13:05〜13:45 University-industry collaboration and open innovation in Japan.
         Kenichi KUWASHIMA (University of Tokyo)

13:45〜14:25 The shifting allocation of decision rights in the pursuit of customer experience.
         Ryusuke KOSUGE (Ritsumeikan University)
         Jing-Ming SHIU (National Cheng Kung University)

14:25〜15:05 Process of strategic alliances between start-ups and major enterprises.
         Koji NAKANO (Toyo University)
         Toru OHARA (Toyo University)

15:05〜15:10 Closing

Part 2  May 21, 2018

12:00〜12:05 Opening with Coffee

12:05〜12:45 The legitimacy acquisition process of Shinkansen speeding up.
         Hiroki KIKUCHI (University of Tokyo)

12:45〜13:25 Relationships between organizational capability and performance in manufacturing firms.
         Mitsuhiro FUKUZAWA (Seikei University)

13:25〜14:05 SNS blurs boundaries between sellers and buyers.
         Yufu KUWASHIMA (Otsuma University)

14:05〜14:10 Closing

Part 3  June 18, 2018

13:00〜13:05 Opening with Coffee

13:05〜13:45 How to show knowledge.
         Masami ABE (University of Tokyo)

13:45〜14:25 The management of flexibility in product development.
         Huang WEI (University of Tokyo)

14:25〜14:30 Closing

Part 4  June 25, 2018

11:00〜11:05 Opening with Coffee

11:05〜11:45 The operationalization of flexibility in product development.
         Huang WEI (University of Tokyo)

11:25〜11:30 Closing

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