ABAS Conference 2017 Winter

Kojima Hall, University of Tokyo
Tokyo, Japan

Part 1  January 19, 2017

14:00〜14:10 Opening with Coffee

14:10〜14:50 Disrubtive innovation revisited.
         Sungwoo BYUN (University of Tokyo)

14:50〜15:30 Knowledge network of Toyota.
         Youngkyo SUH (University of Tokyo)

15:30〜15:45 Coffee Break

15:45〜16:25 Market orientation and continuous improvement in the service context.
         Ryusuke KOSUGE (Ritsumeikan University)

16:25〜16:30 Closing

Part 2  February 20, 2017

10:00〜10:05 Opening with Coffee

10:05〜10:45 Continuous improvement as discontinuous disaster recovery system.
         Shumpei IWAO (University of Tokyo)

10:45〜11:25 The relationship between how to use information devices and its objectives.
         Takeyasu ICHIKOHJI (Toyo University)

11:25〜12:05 Functional intefration and performance in Japanese electric and electronics factories.
         Mitsuhiro FUHUZAWA (Seikei University)
         Nobuyuki INAMIZU (University of Tokyo)

12:05〜12:50 Lunch Break

12:50〜13:30 A climate of openness and organizational performance.
         Nobuyuki INAMIZU (University of Tokyo)
         Mitsuhiro FUHUZAWA (Seikei University)

13:30〜14:10 Recognition disruption of disruptive innovation.
         Takeaki WADA (Toyohashi SoZo University)

14:10〜14:20 Coffee Break

14:20〜15:00 Shakeout and oligarchization.
         Ayako TAKAI (Yokohama National University)

15:00〜15:40 Competing against exchange rate.
         Hiroyuki KATO (Hosei University)

15:40〜15:45 Closing

Part 3  March 22, 2017

13:00〜13:05 Opening with Coffee

13:05〜13:45 Cross‐functional factories: Survey study on Japanese electric and electronics companies.
         Mitsuhiro FUHUZAWA (Seikei University)
         Nobuyuki INAMIZU (University of Tokyo)

13:45〜14:25 Customer scope and firm performance.
         Seungkee MIN (University of Tokyo)
         Wonwook Song (University of Tokyo)

14:25〜14:40 Coffee Break

14:50〜15:20 Organizations for global simultaneous new model launching: Toyota's GPC and Hyundai's pilot center.
         Youngkyo Suh (University of Tokyo)

15:20〜16:00 The power of defacto "industrial" design.
         Atsushi AKIIKE (Tohoku Gakuin University)
         Tohru YOSHIOKA-KOBAYASHI (University of Tokyo)

16:00〜16:40 The role of mailing lists for policy discussions in open source development.
         Masayuki HATTA (Surugadai University)

16:40〜16:50 Closing

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