ABAS Conference 2016 Spring

May 30, 2016
Kojima Hall, University of Tokyo
Tokyo, Japan

13:00〜13:15 Opening

13:15〜13:55 Social shaping of technological trajectories of Shinkansen.
         Hiroki KIKUCHI (University of Tokyo)

13:55〜14:35 Customer interaction management.
         Yoshiaki YAMASHIRO (University of Tokyo)

14:35〜14:50 Coffee Break

14:50〜15:30 Hyundai Steel's ramp-up strategy and learning effect.
         Sungwoo BYUN (University of Tokyo)

15:30〜16:10 Home base growth after internationalization in SME.
         Shohei HAMAMATSU (Seikei University)

16:10〜16:50 Customized components and B2B transaction.
         WonWook SONG (University of Tokyo)
         Kenichi KUWASHIMA (University of Tokyo)

16:50〜16:55 Closing

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