ABAS Conference 2016 Autumn

November 7, 2016
Kojima Hall, University of Tokyo
Tokyo, Japan

Part 1

9:00〜 9:05 Opening with Coffee

9:05〜 9:40 Exploring non-technical aspects of open source development.
          Masayuki HATTA (Surugadai University)

9:40〜10:15 The knowledge acquisition and decision making rights in interfirm division of labor.
          Jingming SHIU (University of Tokyo)

10:15〜10:50 Designing a large scale product.
          Yuichiro MUKAI (Takasaki City University of Economics)

10:50〜11:00 Coffee Break

11:00〜11:35 Suppliers' diversification strategy and performance.
          Yoshinori KONNO (Hosei University)

11:35〜12:10 A measure of sales skills in Japan.
          Nobuyuki INAMIZU (University of Tokyo)
          Fumihiko IKUINE (University of Tsukuba)
          Hidenori SATO (Yokohama National University)

12:10〜12:45 The role of continuous improvement in the relationship between market orientation and sales productivity.
          Ryusuke KOSUGE (Ritsumeikan University)

12:45〜12:50 Closing

Part 2

17:00〜17:35 Engines of innovation.
          Seungkee MIN (University of Tokyo)

17:35〜18:10 Production volume, product quality and catching-up.
          Sungwoo BYUN (University of Tokyo)

18:10〜18:15 Closing

Part 3 (December 19, 2016)

14:30〜14:35 Opening with Coffee

14:35〜15:15 C to C interaction management: Cases of Harley Davidson Japan dealers.
          Yoshiaki YAMASHIRO (University of Tokyo)

15:15〜15:55 A history of Japanese venture business.
          Koji NAKANO (Toyo University)

15:55〜16:05 Coffee Break

16:05〜16:45 The impact of the CEO in survival of the companies in early stage competition.
          Ayako TAKAI (Yokohama National University)

16:45〜17:25 Expatriate manager with local nationality.
          Shohei HAMAMATSU (Seikei University)

17:25〜18:05 The role of mailing lists for policy Discussions in open source development.
          Masayuki HATTA (Surugadai University)

18:05〜18:10 Closing

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